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The town has been overrun by evil snowmen! All the citizens are too scared to go outside during the Christmas times! Only Santa and his trusty shotgun can save them!

Santa Gets A Shotgun is a game I made over the span of a week to "celebrate" Christmas. I saw it as some kind of game jam for myself!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Dec 16, 2018
Made withUnity
TagsChristmas, First-Person, santa
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Santa Gets A Shotgun - Windows 64-bit 34 MB
Version 1.2
Santa Gets A Shotgun - Windows 32-bit 31 MB
Version 1.2
Santa Gets A Shotgun OSX 36 MB
Version 1.2
Santa Gets A Shotgun Linux 64-bit 41 MB
Version 1.2
Santa Gets A Shotgun Linux 32-bit 40 MB
Version 1.2

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Hehe we played it for Xmas and it was very fun Thanks !

Made a video


Great video! I really enjoyed it!

I also noticed you were playing a older version. Is this a per-recorded video from last year or did you somehow get an older version?

Happy you enjoyed the video, yes we recorded the video last year, I believe we recorded it before the update so that is why it was the first version or at least the second version of the game you made originally. I just know we recorded it way back on the 19th so didn't come out till now because we either had too many videos but not enough days to fit all of them into the Christmas videos line up so it was pushed out until this year or we didn't have enough time last year to edit everything. We were a lot less organized last year so some videos kind of just sat till now.

I cant get multiplayer to work

What seems to be the problem? 

Remember that the host needs to port-forward the ports 7777 on both TCP and UDP. This is generally the main problem. Hope it helps!

Gave it a go...(SKIP TO 13:41)

I had so much fun with this game, good job! Hope you enjoy my video, and Merry Christmas!

Surprisingly fun! The movement was a bit slow, and the shotgun didn't feel very punchy, but aside from that a fun game!

An instant holiday classic

We had a blast playing this game and sorting out the mechanics!!   Just the type of Christmas game that piques our interest!!   

its not letting me launch the game


Make sure your anti-virus doesn't quarantine it. If you're on Windows 10 and it's being blocked by SmartScreen, you can find an option there to run it anyways. Hope this helps a bit!


So i don't know if this is a feature,

but you can stand on the trees and the roofs in the map.

This means that you can't get hit by normal snowman's...

I don't know if you made this in Unity but you can fix this by making the colliders taller.




It's a feature and it actually has some countering with the throwing snowmen. ;) It's just up to you if you want to stay up there for long, if you find that fun.


This is exactly what the doctor ordered this christmas, well done!

Looks like you got a whole lot further than we did in our play-thru , then again we don't normally play FPS shooters...   We enjoyed watching you play :)