Made in 10 days for the Lv. 99 Game Jam 2023! The theme was "Take A Deep Breath", so naturally we made a violent combat game.

Made by hertzole, zquat and capsizedmoose

Story and lore

Player is impervious to damage and seems to be immortal, but for one thing... They can die from anger. Ironically, the one thing that really really makes Player angry is when they are attacked, all but nullifying their immunity to death.

After decades of therapy, they're now able to use advanced breathing techniques to reduce their anger. But what happens when Earth is invaded by several invaders at the same time, all hellbent on the total annihilation of humankind?!


Left Mouse ButtonFire weapon
Right Mouse ButtonAim weapon
Hold SpacebarInhale
Release SpacebarExhale


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hard to play on my one button mouse! will play again soon when i get a new one :') but love love love the art!!!